Beautiful sunshine but no wind for competition

The wind forecast for today was not very reliable. We have started the day with the registration for racing and freestyle. The riders meeting took place down at the event side.



The first possible start was set for 1 pm. As the wind direction wasn’t the right one we were not able to start any competition. During the afternoon the crew and riders waited patiently for the wind to change direction. Unfortunately this change didn’t happen so that Race Director Mirco Babini released the racers by 4.15 pm. The freestylers kept waiting until 5 pm as hope dies last.


No official competition, but our media team got still some nice footage from today. The forecast for tomorrow looks very promising and the first possible start is set for 10 am. All riders meet at 09.30 am for their meeting at Sportzentrum Mulets.    


Swiss Kitesailing Verband


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