New Snowkite World Champions crowned at Lake Silvaplana

It was the final day of the competition in Switzerland, the final day of the 2019 IKA SnowKite World Cup and Silvaplana delivered perfect conditions for a great day of racing and freestyle.

In the morning the riders and racing crew met at the event side for a short meeting. The first possible start was scheduled for 10 am. Everyone was motivated to go racing and to secure the final points for this event and the overall rankings of the Swiss Snowkite Tour and the World Cup. The race committee decided to start with 4 races back to back. The first race was on and Oliver Willi (SUI) was the first man on ski crossing the finishing line. Florian Gruber (GER) and Felix Kersten (GER) had on their way down to the finish line a little tangle so that Felix Kersten didn’t finish this race – Florian launched his kite again and finished the first race in 4th position. All other races went pretty smooth and without any problems. Bruce Kessler (SUI) won every single race within the snowboard division, which secured him the win of this event. Austrian Reinhold Gehrer secured a great second place at this event and was leading before Igor Zakhartsev from Russia.


After the first race Florian Gruber’s performance was outstanding so that he won this event at Silvaplana. Ukrainian Dmytro Yasnolobov became second just before Oliver Willi (SUI). The girls division was struggeling with the time limit of the races. Within the women’s ski fleet Andrea Gaffuri from Switzerland won ahead Italian power girl Cristina Corsi. Aija Ambrasa (LAT) completed and won 5 out of 6 races on her snowboard. The second and third place went to Tamara Scheiwiller and Deborah Kressebuch, both from Switzerland.


After the first 4 races it was time for a break. In the meantime the freestylers run their heats in front of the audience. The Snowkite-Park offered a big variety to the competitors to do tricks on different obstacles and in the air. The judges counted 4 out of 6 tricks and named Flavio Marx (ITA) as the winner of the men’s competition. Bruce Kessler, who was leading the snowboard racing fleet, participated also in die freestyle competition and defeated his brother Mike Kessler. Gian Andrea Stragiotti was the youngest competitor and ended up with a great 4th place. We were running also two girls heat where Andrea Gaffuri (SUI) was able to secure the win before Deborah Kressebuch (SUI).


The local freestyle competitions was done and it was time to go back tot he racing track. We were able to run two more races before it was time to get the event results and the overall results of the 2019 IKA SnowKite World Cup done.


With a little delay at the prize giving the organizer were able to crown the new world champions in snowkiting and to award the champions within the Swiss Snowkite Tour.


The first Swiss Snowkite Worldcup in Silvaplana has been a great event and we all hope we can come back in 2020.


Congratulations to all competitors and a big shout out to all helping hands, partners and crew for realizing our events!


Swiss Kitesailing Verband


8000 Zürich